The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation defines patient engagement as patients who are proactive in their self-care and collaborate with their providers.

At health123, our mission is to activate this type of PARTNERSHIP.

Think of everything a doctor wants a patient to know and do in order to improve or maintain health.  What if they had more than the periodic office visit to share all of that knowledge?  What if people could access this information whenever and wherever they wanted, and it was completely relevant to them?

Health123’s Health Activation Platform fills the gap between visits, providing patients with curated content, atomized care plans, and direct connections to their care team.  All the right information at exactly the right time. This drives health literacy and empowerment for better health, satisfaction, and loyalty.

Health123’s solution is a flexible, highly-customizable cloud platform providing a mobile and web patient-friendly digital front door that helps attract, retain, and satisfy patients who are inundated with increasingly convenient care alternatives and information sources.