Our research shows that modern healthcare consumers want convenience, personalization, easy connections to providers and services, and information they can trust. Health123 provides an on-demand interface between healthcare providers and the people they serve.

Personalization Engine


Through our APIs we ingest clinical, biometric, unstructured, and self-reported information to create a custom personalization map for every person.

Curated Content & Connections


The Health123 application contextualizes and transforms relevant recommendations and education into tiny steps individuals can integrate into their daily lives.

Support and Accountability


Health123’s collaboration tool-set includes mobile to-do lists synced to the care team, messaging, and session support, providing the right amount of support at the right time.

Underlying platform

Underneath it all is the Health123 Intelligence Platform which provides the ability to connect to almost any data source, easily white label the solution, and get the insights you need for analysis and continual improvement.

  • Apply big data, evidence-based medicine, and behavioral science to generate personalized plans and intelligent nudges
  • Real time analytics and predictive modeling drives actionable insights and intelligent curation
  • Designed for quick setup, fast, fun, easy to use
  • Proven behavior change models
  • Cost effective, patient-centric, white label tools
  • Adaptive and synchronized
  • Optimized for mobile